Seminars & Retreats


Secret of success

This power-packed seminar focuses on the key aspects of success. It is based on timeless laws rather than superficial principles.

  • Laws pertaining to success.
  • Principles of achievement.
  • Aids to success.
  • Impediments to success.
  • Translate their dreams into reality.
  • Rise to greater heights in the ladder of success.
  • Build a strong foundation to accomplish short-term and long-term goals.
The art of creativity

This seminar can revolutionize your life by creating a radical change in the way you think. It covers the basic constituents of creativity. Provides practical tips to become a powerful thinker and overcome various obstacles which impede your natural flow.

  • Basic concepts of creative thinking.
  • Constituents of creative thinking.
  • Practical tips to become a creative thinker.
  • Aids to creative thinking.
  • Impediments to creative thinking.
  • Unleash creative abilities.
  • Develop clarity of thought.
  • Take effective decisions .
Crisis Management

Crisis management forms an essential aspect of one's life. This seminar focuses on improving one's skill to solve problems both on a daily and long-term basis.

  • Right approach to life.
  • Aids to crisis management.
  • Methodology of problem-solving.
  • Impediments to crisis management.
  • Increase their ability to solve problems with perfect mental equanimity.
  • Handle any emergency without panicking.
  • Considerably prevent future crises through preparation.
Key to performance and productivity

Productivity is the ability to achieve desired results witin a sepcified time.
Performance is the best possible methodology of achieving the result.

  • Performance and productivity.
  • Three types of performers.
  • Aids to success.
Key to efficiency and effectiveness

  • Productivity - facets, constitution and including factors.
  • Efficiency in action.
  • Increasing effectiveness.
  • Impediments and solutions.
  • Scale greater heights of success.
  • Get an insight into the principles influencing achievement.
  • Augmenting productivity in work.
  • Infuse dynamism in action.
Science of self management

Self management is a system of knowledge of the highest order, available to mankind. It is a complete science of living. The principles contained therein help to re-engineer the individual personality so as to equip one to competently handle the inevitable fluctuations of life. It helps one maintain inner cheer and traquility whilst facing the various challenges of day-to-day living.

  • Augmenting clarity of thinking.
  • Gaining perfect control over one's mind.
  • Leading a stress-free life.
  • Increasing dynamism and effectiveness in action.
  • Scale greater heights of success.
Principled vision for effective management

What work ethics are to be followed to achieve better management ? Whether it is your buisness or personal life what principles could you apply in order to achieve your objectives. These are the issues which are dealt with in this seminar.

  • Foundation of management.
  • Work ethics for effectiveness.
  • Dynamics of leadership.
  • Define clear work ethics to achieve thier goals.
  • Master the principles of effective management.
  • Sharpen the leadership skills.
Inspirational leadership skills

This seminar explains concept of leadership thoroughly and helps one to maintain enormous drive within and empower one's team to become peak performers.

  • Types of leadership.
  • Personal qualities of a leader.
  • Interactional qualities of a leader.
  • Energize one's teams to produce better.
  • Increase personal and interactional effectiveness.
  • Function with greater clarity of purpose.
  • Sharpen decision-making skills.
Principles governing a successful organization

This seminar explains the key principles influencing the harmonious functioning of a unit. It focuses on building qualities like motivation, sacrifice and cooperation among the team members.

  • Structure and constituents of an orgainization.
  • Qualities to be incorporated.
  • Impediments to organizational growth.
  • Develop tremendous motivation.
  • Inculcate a spirit of cooperation in work environment.
  • Produce quality work output.
Art of effective communication

  • Driving forces to communication.
  • Constituents of effective communication.
  • Factors influencing communication.
  • Practical tips to communicate better.
  • Impediments to effective communication.
Manage time for success

Time is 24 hours for everyone. It all depends on how well you use it. This seminar covers the concept of time management in its entirety. It helps you to organize and take charge of your life rather than succumbing to time pressure.

  • Roots of time management.
  • Organizing your life.
  • Impediments to time management.
  • Maintain a relaxed attitude amidst hectic activity.
  • Gain a clear sense of direction.
  • Employ their time with utmost profitability.
Techniques to combat stress

Stress is a disease. It extracts a heavy toll on the quality of human life. This seminar helps one to reduce stress considerably and shows the way to ultimately eradicate it from one's system.

  • Anatomy of stress.
  • Long-term cure for stress.
  • Practical tips to manage stress.
  • Impediments to stress management.
  • Understand 'stress-factors' and avoid them.
  • Relieve themselves of mental agitations.
  • Tackle tough situations with inner poise.
Self management and its relevance to work place