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 California | North Carolina | New Jersey

Interview of Swamiji

by Radio Zindagi, California, USA
Grand reception to Swamiji in USA

Swamiji’s discourse at California. North Carolina and New Jersey was a powerful discourse indeed! 

Gathered there with excitement, the sadhaks gave Swamiji a very grand welcome as they lapped up the wisdom shared. Swamji expounded the secret to gaining Infinite happiness throughout the session, which was a blast of divine energy. So inspired and grateful were the sadhaks that one of the temple’s board of directors, delighted the audience with an impromptu gesture of reverence towards Swamiji with a shawl and expressed his wish for getting this knowledge to reach out far and wide, to make sure that as many people as possible are benefited by its energy.

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Yoga Sankirtan audio CDs – The first of it’s kind!

Complete healing of Body, Mind & Soul.

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Yoga Sankirtan Audio CDs – The first of it’s kind

Yoga Sankirtan is an ancient mystical art of meditation and self-healing wherein sound vibrations are used to create specific patterns of energy which causes complete healing of the body, mind and soul.